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Golf Gifts For Women

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Odds and Ends for the Woman Golfer


Ceramic Bath Set
A colorful collection of hand-painted powder room necessities. Sure to brighten your bath and delight your guests. Four-piece ceramic set includes tissue holder, soap dish, toothbrush caddy and drinking cup.
Product ID: O74005   -  $46.00


Cookie Jar
Hand-painted ceramic cookie jar with colorful golf motif makes a perfect centerpiece as it holds all sorts of home-baked goodies.
Product ID: O74007  -  $34.00


PRODUCT Mulligan

DESCRIPTION Nicely nestles two golf balls (not included) for easy keeping. With VelcroŽ closure comes in assorted fabrics. Makes a super prize or tournament gift. (Size: 3"W x 5"H x 2"D.)

PRODUCT ID LM185 - $6.00


PRODUCT The Organizer

DESCRIPTION Clips to golf bag and keeps essentials in one convenient place.
Padded water-resistant nylon with allover tapestry print has zip pocket for personals, sunglasses or cell phone.
Mesh pocket with VelcroĆ closure allows glove to dry flat, helping retain its shape and softness.
Measures 10" x 4-3/4".




PRODUCT Trinket Jar

DESCRIPTION Glass jar with pewter lid serves as a great little reminder of your all-time favorite pastime. Fill with tees, paper clips, or even candy, and it's a hole-in-one gift for any links lover! Stands 5 high.



PRODUCT Golf Wind Chimes

DESCRIPTION Music to every golfer's ears...indoor/outdoor two-sided chimes are crafted with precise detailing from Statesmetal , a strong pewter-like alloy that won't chip, crack or rust. Assembled with braided nylon cord that has a lifetime guarantee. Chimes measure 2-1/2" x 7".

PRODUCT ID O2691 - $16.00

Stoppers & Sticks Drink Set

Stoppers & Sticks Drink Set
Retro beverage accessories with a golf twist. Set includes six stainless steel drink sticks with assorted golf tops, two wine stoppers, and chrome stand with glass insert. A great addition to any wed bar. Assembled set stands 6-1/4" high.
Product ID: OGI3853 - $60.00

Wine Stopper Box Set

PRODUCT Wine Stopper Box Set

DESCRIPTION Top off a good bottle of wine with a delightful twist of golf. Handcrafted from pewter with natural corks, these stoppers will make a lovely addition to your collection of wine accessories. Set of three includes one each of male and female golfers, plus golf bag. Comes in wooden box (5-1/2"L x 4-1/4"W x 2-1/2"H) with hinged lid. A wonderful gift for your favorite connoisseur!


Golf Bag Wine Stopper

Golf Bag Wine Stopper.  Handcrafted pewter wine stopper with natural cork give a golf flair to any connoisseur's collection.
Product ID: OGI2OO9  -  $11.00

Golf Ball Wine Stopper

Golf Ball Wine Stopper.
Top off a good bottle of wine with a delightful twist of golf. Handcrafted from pewter with natural corks.
Product ID: OGI2OO6 - $11.00


Wine Glass ID Charms
Is that wine mine? Help guests keep track of their glasses at all your golf gatherings with these stylishly fun golf charms. Shiny silver and gold metal charms have a small wire loop that slips around any stemware. Set of four charms includes golf bag, shoes, cart and crossed clubs heart.

Product ID: ODM23O - $22.00

Drink Sticks

Drink Sticks
Stainless steel drink sticks with a stylish golf flair. Set of six sticks includes two each of flag, golf ball and club. Each measures 6-1/4"L.
Product ID: OGI3792 - $18.00

Drink Picks

Drink Picks
Stainless steel cocktail sticks with golf ball tops give beverages a golf twist. Set of six sticks stand stylishly in their sleek chrome holder. Each measures 3-1/2"L.
Product ID: OGI478O - $20.00 

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