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Golf Gifts For Women

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About Us

Gifts for Women Golfers are not all that easy to find.
We hope to put a stop to this.
That's why we are here!

We are Women - thinking of women!

Are you running a tournament and need gifts for the woman golfer. Let us hear from you.
We know what is being ordered and used by the ladies who are golfing.
Don't buy men's gifts when you can get gifts that will satisfy the woman golfer.

Women's Golf Gallery!

We are small, but we have the experience.

Just email us and let us know what you need.
We will be happy to oblige.

Email Barbara

A mature woman; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Barbara is our Merchandise Director.
She's here for you!
Tell her what you need.
How much do you have to spend.
She will give you the recommendations that you need.
Let her help you.

Terms and Conditions of Sale:
  • Minimum order $100. Orders under $100 incur a $5 surcharge fee.
  • Shipping Included.
  • Prices and availability subject to change without notice.
  • Terms: Net Cash or PayPal.
  • No return of merchandise will be accepted without an authorization number.